About us

Dennison- The brand was born out of a single idea- how to make affordable ready to wear apparel line for people when it had access to only certain privileged section of society. In 1988, looking at people struggling to procure material and then getting it tailored, the enterprising, creative and hardworking Mr. Rajendra Seth decided to sell his first ready to wear shirt in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh for Rs. 98. It was a bold move to make then. But his concept became a big hit and Dennison came into existence. As an early mover and sudden boom for affordable ready to wear apparels started getting business from central part of India across 5 states with a pre-order waiting.
As his son steps-in in 2014, Ashwin Seth brought with him innovation. Still based in Gwalior, the brand has branched out into providing affordable formal and semi formal clothing to men. It now uses an e-commerce platform to reach out to its target audience.
Dennison has positioned itself as a millennial brand that actually works for everyone. As a pocket-friendly budget brand, it is accessible to the emerging fashion-conscious power dressing Indian professional. Dennison vision to be known as the ‘most sustainable brand in India.’Innovation and E Commerce
The brand has sensibly improvised and positioned itself as a ‘people’s brand’ in the last 7 years. It has also focused on filling gaps in Men’s workwear and soon will be lauching for Women Work wear.
This includes affordable low maintenance shirts and trousers, plus size clothing, sustainable clothing, casual ethnic wear etc. With e-commerce seeing a boom in Covid-19 times, the brand has experienced consistent growth and massive traction throughout both financial years (2019-2021).
According to Ashwin Seth, Co- Founder & CEO of Dennison, “the strength of this brand is the product itself. We work at the confidence that who so ever purchases from us, is going to find a worth personal to the buyer-whether it is a sense of association, our quality, trending fashion or the budget advantage .”